HELLENIC PETROLEUM offers Elefsina the first modern Indoor Cultural Center

Bright grand opening and new cultural routes for Cine Eleusis

Elefsina has now acquired a modern venue of high standards for cultural events, offered by HELLENIC PETROLEUM. The first indoor Cultural Center of the city is housed in the renovated building of the historical "Cine Eleusis" and was officially inaugurated on Monday, December 11, 2023.

Acknowledging the significance of the landmark building that served as the hub of the city's social and cultural life for many years, HELLENIC PETROLEUM, a subsidiary of HELLENiQ ENERGY, funded the study and carried out the complete reconstruction and change of use of the Cine Eleusis. It is noteworthy that in less than six months after it had been closed for usage since 1988, the building was formally turned over to the Municipality of Elefsina and made operational again.

It is a multipurpose cultural space, with a total area of 1,109 square meters and a capacity of approximately 800 people, which is coming to give life again to the historic "Cine Eleusis".
In the context of the reconstruction project, in addition to the static reinforcements carried out by a specialized workshop, auxiliary spaces were created in accordance with the increased requirements of modern multi-cultural spaces.
With a view to preserving the historical identity of the building, extensive aesthetic interventions were carried out both internally and externally, which further highlighted its architectural elements, while with the aim of reducing the building's energy consumption, similar interventions were implemented. In addition, the electromechanical installations and the air conditioning, heating ventilation and fire extinguishing systems were completely modernized, following international and national standards.

Snapshot from the opening ceremony.

Mrs. Lina Mendoni, Minister of Culture, Mr. Evangelos Liakos and Mr. Athanasios Bouras, MPs of Western Attica, Mr. Eleftherios Kosmopoulos, Deputy Governor of the Regional Unity of Western Attica, Mr. Nikos Villiotis, Elefsina Mayor and Mr. Konstantinos Panas, Deputy CEO of HELPE honoured with their presence the event, while Metropolitan Konstantinos of Megaron and Salamis officiated.

The closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture "2023 Elefsis" will be the first event held at the new cultural center.