Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a key strategic priority for us, offering tangible benefits and forming one of the main pillars of our broader strategic transformation. 

Through a multi-year program, we are actively contributing to the energy transition, focusing on employee safety, risk management, while improving our environmental footprint. Additionally, our goal is to cultivate a digital culture across the company, aiming to positively impact our stakeholders and society at large. 

We integrate innovative solutions across all business areas, leveraging digital technologies and introducing best practices that accelerate our holistic transition and define a new operating model. 

Identifying and leveraging on our business data through advanced AI tools, automating tasks for improved operational efficiency, and empowering our workforce through skill development and modern operating methods, our digital transformation program drives growth. 

digital initiatives

in the Program’s roadmap

>€50 mil.
Estimated benefit

on an annual basis from 2025 onwards

€160 mil.
Cumulative benefit

by 2025

Multi-year Action Plan

Digital Refinery

We are transforming our refinery into a collaborative, connected, and digital workspace. Our projects leverage artificial intelligence to enhance production planning, optimize the supply chain, efficiently manage productive assets, optimize energy consumption, and ensure employee safety.

Digital Retail

We are enhancing our insights and are adopting an integrated approach to serve partners and corporate customers. Our vision for the service stations of the future includes new digital capabilities, improved information access and cross-functional comprehensive services.

Group Digital Functions

We are developing efficient business operations and enabling effective decision-making, through automation technology and a wide range of data.

Digital Core

We are modernizing the centralized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system by leveraging technological developments.

Holistic Strategy for Growth, Efficiency and Security

We explore innovative technologies that fundamentally transform our operations and generate benefits for the organization, its value chain, the economy and the society as a whole.

  • We enhance our corporate performance, by increasing turnover and profitability while reducing operational costs 
  • We address international competition through innovation, already achieving significant benefits 
  • We promote new work practices and empower our human capital with knowledge, skills and modern work practices 
  • We introduce new operating models, that promote efficiencies and enhance collaboration
  • We incorporate new risk mitigation capabilities and faster response for our crisis management strategy 

We Embrace Digital Solutions

As part of our efforts to further accelerate our digital evolution and adopt innovation on all fronts, we centralize our technology capabilities via the newly -founded HELLENiQ ENERGY Digital, an IT and Digital Transformation company that aims to: 

  • Form a Digital Innovation Hub that works with a pioneering ecosystem in order to design and implement advanced solutions 
  • Provide integrated, consistent technology services to all our internal customers, based on shared services principles and Pay per use concepts
  • Apply centralized, reusable resource management practices to optimize and rationalize operating costs. 
  • Utilise external funding sources to further improve cost structures. 
  • Promote our corporate innovation culture through effective communication of digital initiatives 
  • Enhance our corporate image by co-innovating and sharing our technological achievements with our energy sector peers 

Through HELLENiQ ENERGY Digital, we leverage on advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in order to deliver innovative services that promote data driven decision-making and effective governance.

digital hub

Enhancing Safety and Innovation

Our goal with this program is to significantly contribute to worker safety, risk management, environmental footprint reduction, and overall digital culture and innovation.

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Our Strategy

We are evolving from an oil company into an organization that operates across the entire energy spectrum. 

Our Strategy