Brand Identity

Rethink, Innovate, Incorporate

We are HELLENiQ ENERGY – one of the leading energy groups in Southeast Europe, with activities that span the entire energy value chain. As a regional leader, we are not only committed to providing energy. We see ourselves as a driving force towards a net-zero future.

We are diversifying our portfolio, and through our successful integrated business model, we are embracing innovation and transformation across our entire value chain, to become sustainable.

Just as the change is taking place within the organization, it must also be evident to the outside world. This is where our corporate identity comes in to communicate the new journey ahead. In this journey, we proudly keep our heritage and use it to generate the future.

Our Name

Our change needs to be reflected in our company name as well. Driving sustainable energy for the people and becoming carbon neutral as a company means we leave behind a legacy structure and commit to a new clear value proposition.

However, we remain true to our roots, as well as our everlasting ingenuity that is built on strengths and assets that empower our business and make us unique.

Our brand name confirms our history and forward thinking and promotes our vision for the future.


Our Logo

Our logo reflects our heritage while looking to the future. The stripes, inspired by our national symbol, have been set in motion and evolved to a wave of energy.

The dynamic wave signals the transition and makes it visible. By being constantly on the move as an energy provider, we embrace change and ensure long-term access to sustainable energy for all.

Our logo is completed with another major component of our brand identity, the guiding star. It symbolizes the element of leadership. Being directly and eternally connected to the evolutionary path of the Group and its leading role in the energy transition, the guiding star enhances and empowers our relationship with all stakeholders and highlights the most essential aspects of social responsibility and sustainable development.

Our goals

We envision a sustainable future for all. In a world that is constantly changing, we address the challenges of the future with faith in our strong heritage, while pursuing a new wave of energy, to provide innovative products and services for everyone.  

Aspiring to be a corporate citizen of choice, we create sustainable value.  

We are steadily implementing our strategic commitments to substantially improve our environmental footprint, in order to help address the causes and impact of climate change, while increasing value for all our stakeholders.

We actively contribute to the progress of the communities, where we operate and create added value in terms of growth, employment, and national product, as a long-standing contribution to the economy and society. We fuel a culture of change by constantly embracing innovation, and transformation, to become more sustainable and never stop empowering tomorrow.