Corporate Brand


Why are we rebranding?

The energy landscape is changing at a rapid pace. In order to face the major challenges arising from climate change and move to the new era, we need to capitalize on the opportunities of energy transition, while at the same time improve and protect our core business.  This means we need to pursue a strategic transformation. Our vision is to provide long-term access to sustainable energy for all. This requires a change of how we do our business and of how we want to be perceived as a brand. To strengthen our leading position in our markets in the East Med region, we need to organise our activities under a strong umbrella brand that underlines our sustainable approach.

We want to redefine our core business. It’s not just about fossil fuels anymore. It’s about energy in general. We will grow significantly in clean energy and renewables. We upgrade our governance and organizational structure to stay efficient and internationally competitive in order to be able to transform our markets towards sustainable energy.

Yes, the new corporate brand also introduces a new framework, which is based on the company’s new strategic directions.  The new brand strategy framework consists of a purpose as the brand core, the values and competencies as the brand foundation, and the new vision as the brand aspiration.


What does the new logo stand for?

The new logo keeps the HELLENiQ ENERGY heritage, using as a base the individual parts (globe, cross and flag stripes) of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM logo. The revision of the elements is intended to illustrate what HELLENiQ ENERGY is striving for: energy transition and evolution. First and foremost, a modern company should rethink and revise the way of doing business and this should be reflected in its logo communication. A new design element was added to further emphasize the concept of change: The energy wave. An element, which is not only part of the logo, but also plays a central role in the overarching design principle of the new HELLENiQ ENERGY brand appearance. 

As a company we are on the transition to the new energy era of diversified energy sources and low greenhouse gas emissions and so we name it. Throughout our entire past our ingenuity has been the most important part of our DNA. We want it to be visually linked to our company, referring to our innovation competence and our forward-thinking approach to the sustainable future.

The new brand look and feel of HELLENiQ ENERGY is marked by a bright and strong color code. The Ocean Blue, in particular, is the main brand color, as it is used for the logo and therefore an important component of the brand. 

The Wave element reflects the main idea of the new HELLENiQ ENERGY brand design: Energy is power, is evolution, is change, is movement. All these aspects are visualized by the wave of energy, which was created from the stripes of the revised logo. It symbolizes an activating element and represents the dynamic transformation of the brand. 

The guiding star is a characteristic brand element, it symbolizes the idea of leadership with indirect reference to the Greek heritage. It is the directional element of the logo and is also used separately. In conjunction with the word mark, it can be seen as the "Spark of Intelligence". As the name already implies, the guiding star points out important information in design context.