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Environment and Climate Change

We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of all our activities in order to contribute to the protection of the environment and to the global effort to limit climate change. We are diversifying our portfolio and evolving into a low-carbon energy solutions provider.

We invest in new, low-carbon technologies, in the optimization of energy management as well as in the utilization of Renewable Energy Sources. 

At the same time, we utilize materials and natural resources throughout their life cycle and continuously reduce the amount of waste for final disposal. Finally, we integrate the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity into our corporate culture. 

341 MW
total capacity

in the operating PV and wind parks

tons total cumulative avoidance of CO2 emissions

from RES

up to 49%
reduction in key air emissions

since 2013

utilization of generated waste

>€194 mil.
investments in RES programs and projects

that reduce the environmental footprint

*The data refer to 2022

Our approach to the Environment

We are planning and implementing our energy transformation for a climate-neutral economy, responding to the continuing growth in energy demand and security of supply.
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Increasing energy efficiency, energy saving and the new low carbon footprint technologies constitute our main tools for the mitigation of climate change.
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We adopt practices for sound management of natural resources and circular economy, reducing emissions and improving air quality, as well as protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.
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Improvement of the Environmental Footprint

Environmental Management

Our key priorities are the responsible use of natural resources, the circular economy, improving air quality and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems.

Environmental Management
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Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Mitigating climate change and adapting to its impacts is a key part of our sustainable development strategy.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint
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