We are active in the production, supply and trading of all types of energy, with an increasing focus on clean energy and renewables. Our diversified portfolio in the oil and gas value chain includes refining, supply and trading of oil and petrochemical products, hydrocarbon exploration & production and fuels marketing, while rapidly growing in renewable energy. Through JVs and participation, we have a significant presence in the power generation, supply and trading of natural gas and electricity.

We are modernising our traditional activities to produce cleaner, low-emission liquid fuels and align them with the energy transition. We invest in direct and indirect CO2 emission reduction actions. We are driving the energy transformation in all our markets, developing new initiatives and adopting innovative technologies, such as energy storage, CO2 capture and green hydrogen.


Liquid Fuels & Chemicals

We enhance our existing activities, through operational excellence, energy efficiency and decarbonization. We simultaneously evolve our core activities by leveraging past investments, while also growing our international trading business.

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Refining, Supply & Trading and Chemicals

We evolve our refining and petrochemicals operations through carbon footprint reduction initiatives.

Domestic & International Marketing

We maintain a leading position in the domestic market and are expanding our international network with a growing presence in each market.

Exploration & Production

We are fostering strong partnerships with established players for our E&P operations in Greece.

Renewable Fuels

We invest in Renewable Fuels to develop diversified energy solutions.

Photovoltaic panels at Kozani

New Energy

We are achieving a substantial presence in Renewables and e-mobility, while we are strengthening our position in the electricity sector.

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Renewable Energy Sources

We are developing a significant presence in the RES sector in S.E. Europe, as it is a main pillar of sustainable development for our business model.

Gas & Power

We are active in the Gas & Power business through our associates Elpedison and DEPA Commercial.


We aim to develop an extensive charging network.


Technology & Innovation

We fuel a culture of change by investing in research and developing innovative technologies.

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Engineering Services

We provide technical and consulting services in the energy sector in S.E. Europe, through our subsidiary, ASPROFOS.

New Technologies -R&D

We invest in the research and development of innovative and sustainable technologies and applications.

Digital Transformation

We aim to utilize digital technologies and establish best practices across our business areas.

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Our Energy in Action

We are committed to inspiring positive change through meaningful initiatives. As we focus on sustainable development, we are realigning our operations, while we place the environment and society at the forefront.

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