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Our People

We provide a work environment that is primarily safe, motivating employees and providing equal opportunities for growth, while it is upholding human rights and respecting diversity. We implement an integrated system of human resources development and management, which offers growth and development opportunities, competitive remuneration and benefits, performance evaluation, training and encouragement of employees for continuous development, growth and taking on different roles. In this way, we forster an environment, characterized by strong employee commitment and dedication. 

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of employees are covered by supplementary Life and Health insurance schemes

of employees are covered by collective labor agreements

We care about the Well-being and Growth of our People

Merit-based systems for attracting and assessing employees

We follow merit - based recruitment and evaluation processes and provide equal opportunities and career development paths to all, without discrimination.

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Reward and Recognition

We provide competitive remuneration, we recognize and reward employees for their achievements, performance and for the value they add to the Group.

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Remuneration Policy and Benefits Policy

We have a defined Executive Remuneration Policy and Benefits Policy that effectively supports employees and their families by offering security and stability.

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Balanced professional and personal life

Recognizing that professional success is the result of a balanced professional and personal life, we develop and implement relevant policies and programs.

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Through the thousands of jobs we support, we contribute directly to the economy, the development and entrepreneurship of Greece, but also of the countries where we operate. We support local communities by providing direct, indirect and induced jobs.

Responsible Employer and Corporate Citizen
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