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We consider very important for you to know what are the cookies we use, and for what reasons we use them, at our website. The purpose of this Policy is to provide information regarding Cookies used by the Company each time you visit our website, to protect you and to make your experience during browsing our website even better.
We use cookies that are necessary for the operation of our website, your browsing, your sign in options, your redirection to other websites and for the provision of advertising material based on your interests and needs.
Also, cookies are used in order to analyze how visitors use our website, how they browse within or if they face any problem that requires our corrective actions. All information collected by the cookies used are anonymous and are used only for the improvement of the structure and the content of the website.
Cookies are small data files (small bit texts), that are stored on your computer or on other devices (smartphones, tablets) when you browse the website. Cookies cause no harm neither at your computer nor at the files stored. Without these, your personal preferences would be impossible to be stored, so each time you accessed a website, would be like accessing it from the beginning. Cookies are completely safe and do not store e-mail addresses or phone numbers.

What kind of Cookies we use

Like most of the websites, HELLENIC PETROLEUM HOLDINGS SA’s website utilizes Cookies in order to improve usage performance and browsing experience. At the tabs we analyze all 4 categories of cookies we use.

Using of Cookies

In the table below we provide detailed information about all Cookies that are stored in your device during your visit/browsing to our website. By visiting and using this website, you consent and accept the use/storage of Cookies on your devise for the purposes that are listed in the table below.


Information about Cookies

For more information about Cookies, how to use them as well as how they apply to the use of your personal information, please visit

Other information that we collect

IP address is a unique number used by devices to identify and consult each other on a computer network using the Internet Protocol Standard. The IP address is a number that is assigned to your device (PC, tablet, smartphone) each time you access the internet to communicate with other devices. The IP address can also be recognized by your internet provider.
During your visit, the website records the IP for security reasons and for preventing malicious actions. In addition, IP addresses are collected in order to analyze the website’s performance and optimize it by offering a more user-friendly and functional experience to you.
This information is necessary for the proper operation of the website and the user cannot deactivate them.