New Composition of the B.o.D

“HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A.” announces to the investors that by decision of its Board of Directors during its meeting on 19.6.2006, it has proceeded to the filling of the members of the Board with Mr. Andreas Palevratzis-Ashover, who was appointed by the shareholder – the Greek State, replacing thereby the resigned member, Mr. Michael Myrianthis, for the balance of the term of the rest of the members of B.o.D,  that is until 14.4.2008, in accordance with Article 20, paragraph 6b of the Articles of Association of the Company.
During the above mentioned meeting, the Board of Directors convened as a body and resolved on the appointment of Mr. Ioannis Costopoulos, as an executive member of the Board and the appointment of the new member, Mr. Andreas Palevratzis-Ashover as a non-executive member of the Board, in accordance with the provisions of Law 3016 regarding Corporate Governance.
Subsequent to this, the composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:
A. Executive Members
Efthimios Christodoulou, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Panagiotis Cavoulacos, Chief Executive Officer
Ioannis Costopoulos, Counsellor
Dimitrios Mattheou, Counsellor

B. Non - Executive Members
Theodoros-Achilleas Vardas, Counsellor
Andreas Vranas, Counsellor - Representative of the Minority Shareholders
Dimitrios Deligiannis, Counsellor – Employees’ Representative
Vassilios Bayiokos, Counsellor
Vassilios Nikitas, Counsellor - Employees’ Representative
Andreas Palevratzis-Ashover, Counsellor
Panagiotis Pavlopoulos, Counsellor
Iason Stratos, Counsellor - Representative of the Minority Shareholders
Ioannis Tsoukalas, Counsellor