The "Proud of Youth" program is once again awarding excelling high school graduates of neighboring municipalities

The program concerns graduates of General Secondary or Vocational High Schools of 2023, who are permanent residents of the municipalities in Thriassio, West Thessaloniki, and Kozani.
Πρόγραμμα Proud of Youth_Βραβεύσεις αριστούχων Λυκείου όμορων δήμων

The Group's aim is to reward high student performance with meritocratic criteria and transparent procedures. In this context, high school graduates will be rewarded, based on the grade of their high school diploma and the grades they obtained at the Pan-Hellenic university entry exams. In order to participate to the Program, the candidates must have a high school diploma with a grade of 18.1 or higher and at the same time, the average of their scores at the Pan-Hellenic entry exams, in the same school year, must be at least 16. It is noted that only the scores of the four Orientation courses and not the special courses will be taken into consideration in the selection of the students to be awarded.