Announcement for the acquisition of RES projects 37.2 ΜW operating windfarms in South Evia

HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. announces that, in the context of the implementation of its growth strategy in RES, it proceeds with the acquisition of two wind parks of 37.2 MW total installed capacity and load factor exceeding 40%, situated in South Evia.

More specifically, HELLENIC PETROLEUM RENEWABLE WIND FARMS OF EVIA SINGLE MEMBER S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of ELPE RENEWABLES, signed definitive agreements for the acquisition of the companies EOLIKI ENERGIAKI EVIAS S.A. and EOLIKI ENERGIAKI ACHLADOTOPOS S.A.. 

The two windfarms, located in South Evia, have been in commercial operation since October 2018 and December 2019 respectively. The consideration for the 100% of the shares of the two companies amounts to €85m.