HELPE GROUP joins the International Initiative “eFuel Alliance" for the synthetic fuels of zero footprint

Hellenic Petroleum joins the “eFuel Alliance" becoming the first Greek Company and the only Group so far, to participate in an international agent for the promotion and development of synthetic fuels, as part of its energy transition and its vision for the future.

The members of the “eFuel Alliance" initiative are committed to the expansion and the promotion of the global industrial production of renewable fuels, such as the synthetic fuels produced from water, carbon dioxide and renewable electric energy, while aiming at widespread use in many sectors.

This initiative aims to promote the role of liquid fuels and their contribution towards decarbonization of transport, climate neutrality and sustainable climate protection, , provided that this technology is appropriately supported by the regulatory framework, similarly to other emission reduction technologies.

Along with the HELPE Group, the Alliance for the synthetic fuels includes more than 155 individual companies, innovative start-ups, industry associations, academic community representatives, and social partners from Europe and around the world, representing a wide range of the energy sector, the automotive, the aviation and maritime industries, as well as the petroleum and chemical industry.

On behalf of the HELPE Group Management, Mr. Georgios Alexopoulos, General Manager of Strategic Planning and New Business for the Group and Executive Member of the Board of Directors commented: “Our participation in the “eFuel Alliance" emphasizes our belief that with well-aimed investments, the climate-neutral efuels along with hydrogen, may successfully contribute to emissions reduction, especially in the crucial transport sector, alongside the continuation of electrification". 

During the first General Assembly of the “eFuel Alliance" held a few days ago, Mrs. Liana Gouta, Director of Energy Policy and International Affairs, who was elected member of the Board, stated: “Our active participation stems from the Group's solid commitment to pioneers and innovators, with our eyes focused in the future. The zero-carbon footprint renewable fuels, such as synthetic fuels (efuels) produced from water, CO2 and electric energy, are part of the solution for a climate-friendly economy, especially in the crucial sectors of aviation, maritime, heavy road transport and industry. Therefore, it is vital for the efuels to obtain a key role play in the European and national Energy and Climate planning, while their support in a wide-range scale is required to start today."

For more information, please visit eFuel Alliance website: