Acquisition of wind farms of 55.2 MW capacity in Eastern Mani, Laconia, Greece

HELLENIC PETROLEUM HOLDINGS S.A. (“the Company”) announces, in the context of the implementation of its growth strategy in RES, the signing of a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of “MAKRYLAKKOMA S.A.” and “SAGIAS S.A.”, both owned by Copelouzos Group and International Constructional S.A. Group, by “HELLENIC PETROLEUM RENEWABLE WIND FARMS OF MANI S.A.”, a wholly owned subsidiary of HELPE RENEWABLES S.A.. The wind farms, with a total installed capacity of 55.2 MW, are located in Eastern Mani, Laconia, Greece, and have been in commercial operation since December 2019. The consideration for 100% of the shares of the two companies amounts to €90m.

The two wind farms of "MAKRYLAKKOMA S.A." comprise 13 wind turbines with total installed capacity of 29.9 MW, while the other two wind farms of "SAGIAS S.A." comprise 11 wind turbines with total installed capacity of 25.3 MW. It is estimated that the four wind farms can generate renewable energy to cover the needs of approximately 40,000 households or 8,000 SMEs.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Business Solutions S.A. (PwC) acted as financial advisor to HELPE RENEWABLES S.A., while Lambadarios Law Firm acted as legal advisor for the transaction.