Solar energy for the Aniaton Asylum sponsored by the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group has been implementing for the last five years a grandiose program of installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of institutions and schools of the local communities of Thriassio and Western Thessaloniki as well as in remote island areas. The aim of the program is the promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and the creation of sustainable facilities and cities.

The largest and most recent project, which was completed in 2020, concerns the exploitation of the roofs of the Foundation for the Care of Chronic Patients of the Asylum Aniatos, in Kypseli Attica, where a modern photovoltaic system of self-generation of 100kW was installed. With the support of the Group, the Hospice makes the most of solar energy, while at the same time contributing to the protection of the environment, by reducing its carbon footprint by 150 tons per year.

The specific project is a successful example of the application of decentralized electricity production and a high degree of self-consumption of the energy produced. With its operation, it covers 40% of the institution's electricity needs and it is expected that it will save over 12,000 euros on an annual basis, an amount that can be allocated to finance the institution's major operational needs.

From 2012 until today, the Group has installed 12 photovoltaic systems with a total installed capacity of ~200kW. The average annual production is 284,000 kWh through which the release of approximately 266 tons of carbon dioxide is avoided.

The development and licensing of all projects is sealed by the expertise of HELLENIC PETROLEUM RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES, a member of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, in order to meet the Group's high safety and quality standards.

Ηλιακή ενέργεια για το Άσυλο Ανιάτων με χορηγία του Ομίλου ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΠΕΤΡΕΛΑΙΑ