Strategic cooperation between Volvo Car Hellas and ElpeFuture

With the mutual vision for the rapid development of e-mobility in Greece, Volvo Car Hellas and ElpeFuture are cooperating, offering to purely electric and plug-in hybrid Volvo vehicle owners, privileged access to the nationwide charging network of the leading energy group HELLENiQ ENERGY.
Αριστερά, ο Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος της ElpeFuture κ. Σπύρος Κιαρτζής, ανταλλάσσει χειραψία με τον Πρόεδρο και Διευθύνοντα Σύμβουλο της Volvo Car Hellas κ. Νίκο Γιαννουσά.

Drivers of the above - mentioned Volvo models will be provided with the special “ChargenGo" charging card. By using it at ElpeFuture charging points throughout Greece, they will enjoy privileged services.

The “ChargenGo" card will be provided free of charge by Volvo Car Hellas, to the owners of new, purely electric and plug-in hybrid Volvo cars, and will be valid for one year with no prerequisite for any kind of subscription or other charges. Through the ElpeFuture “ChargenGo" smartphone application, Volvo Recharge drivers will be able to locate the charging stations and keep track of their consumption and charges.

The owners of new electric Volvo Recharge cars will be able to recharge their vehicle at all ElpeFuture charging stations nationwide, including DC fast chargers located at specific EKO/BP stations, AC chargers located in Malls, parking lots and in all ElpeFuture stations throughout the country, as presented in the ElpeFuture “ChargenGo" application. It is worth noting that the network is expanding rapidly, within the company's strategic framework to strengthen the country's energy transition.

Volvo and HELLENiQ ENERGY, share the same vision for sustainability, addressing the climate change as the biggest challenge of the future. Both leading forces in their field, their connecting bond is that they both proceed with total transformation and readjustment of their strategy and operation, in order to serve their vision for the environment, with both long - term investments and mid- term goal fulfillment.

HELLENiQ ENERGY, one of the most important energy providers in Southeast Europe, has already created one of the largest photovoltaic parks in Europe, located in Kozani. As part of a €4 billion investment program, the company plans to have 1 GW of installed capacity by 2026 and more than 2 GW in operation by 2030.

The electricity powering the ElpeFuture stations, comes from renewable sources, contributing to the carbon footprint reduction of the electric vehicles throughout their lifetime.