Social support and this year's Easter with a series of initiatives

During this year's festivities, the Group donated seven tonnes of food to three support structures in neighbouring municipalities, having provided, in total, since 2012, over 700 tonnes of food to fellow human beings who are really in need.

HELLENiQ ENERGY has already offered within the 1Q2023, more than twenty-one tonnes of food, with the support of Social Welfare Agencies in Western Thessaloniki, Thriassio, and Kozani. This Easter, the group focused on three specific support structures, to which it will offer seven (7) tonnes of food. The selection of the bodies was made by the employees of HELLENiQ ENERGY themselves, after a vote that was held for the first time this year.

These are the Children Support Centre of Elefsis, the Elderly Care Unit "Estia Papageorgiou" in Thessaloniki, and the Hostel for Battered Women of the Municipality of Kozani, where food was offered in collaboration with the non-profit organisation "Wise Greece." At the same time, in consultation with his Holiness Metropolitan of Stavroupolis and Neapolis, Mr. Varnavas, volunteer workers of the group participated both in the preparation and portioning of the meals of the local board.

Since 2012, the Group has been continuously supporting the social grocery stores of the neighbouring municipalities of Thriassio and Western Thessaloniki, as well as the soup kitchens of the Parish of Agios Georgios in Elefsina and the Holy Metropolis of Neapolis, Stavroupoleos. In close cooperation with the local government and the Parishes, it has supported our fellow human beings, who experience significant difficulties in meeting their basic living needs.


Οι εργαζόμενοι της HELLENiQ ENERGY συμμετείχαν εθελοντικά στο συσσίτιο της Ιεράς Μητρόπολης Σταυρουπόλεως - Νεαπόλεως
The employees of HELLENiQ ENERGY participated voluntarily in soup kitchen of the Holy Metropolis of Stavroupoleos - Neapolis