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Long term Lease of fuel stations in Bulgaria

HELLENIC PETROLEUM S.A. announces the deal of its subsidiary trade company in Bulgaria, EKO – ELDA EAD, for a long term lease and exploitation of the fuel stations of the local Bulgarian company EKO PETROLEUM OOD, which is active in the retail  market with 14 fuel stations, located at various regions of the neighboring country.
The deal provides for the change over of the 14 fuel stations to the trademark of EKO, thus the commercial network of the Group in Bulgaria increases to 37 fuel stations.
According to the investment program of HELLENIC PETROLEUM, strengthening of the network is foreseen with at least 40 more fuel stations within the next three years.
In his statements, the Chief Executive Officer of the Group, Mr. Panos Cavoulacos, remarked after the conclusion of the deal:
“This is a significant deal through which we have achieved to double our volume and  share in the local market, and at the same time the existing network of EKO has been buttressed with 14 new fuel stations, which are located at significant positions in Sophia and other regions.
HELLENIC PETROLEUM, implementing its commitment based on its strategic plan, has continually reinforced its presence in South Eastern Europe, stabilizing and expanding its key role across the entire energy spectrum in the broader region.”
The recent agreement in F.Y.R.O.M is reminded, for the first 20 fuel stations with the trademark of OKTA, whilst in 2007 it is expected that the network of the Group in regions outside Greece where it is active, will have more than 220 retail fuel spots.