Inheritance Succession Cases & Entitling of Heirs

The Shareholders Services & Corporate Announcements Dept. undertakes to perform tasks relating to the transfer of dematerialized shares and/or any unpaid dividends, as a result of the death of a shareholder of the Company, to the legal heirs of the deceased, as well as the payment of the amount resulting from the disposal of HELLENiQ ENERGY Holdings S.A. registered physical shares.

This process includes the entitling of heirs following submission of the required supporting documents (as detailed below on a case by case basis) and the transfer of shares to their personal Securities Account held in the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS) or crediting their bank accounts with the amount deriving from the disposal of the Company’s physical shares and any unpaid dividends.

Supporting documents required for the entitling of heirs and the transfer of the proceeds from the disposal of physical shares, as applicable (currently available only in Greek):


  1. All supporting documents must be either in their original form or properly certified.
  2. Where the applicant is unable to submit the required documents in person, applications must bear the applicant’s signature authenticated by the Police Department or a Citizens Service Centre (KEP).

  3. In case an heir is represented by a proxy, special authorization is required.

  4. It should be noted that, if the decease of the shareholder has occurred before the 1st of March 2013, in addition to the certificates issued by the Magistrate’s Court (“Eirinodikeio”) applicants must also submit the respective certificates issued by the Court of First Instance (“Protodikeio”).

  5. Certificates issued by the competent courts (Magistrate’s Court/ Court of First Instance) must be submitted to the Company within three (3) months from issuance.


Interested parties are kindly requested to contact the Shareholders Services & Corporate Announcements Dept.(tel. +30 210 6302978-982), for further clarifications regarding the procedure or the required documentation or make an appointment for the submission of documents.

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