Konstantinos Karachalios

Mr. Karachalios is Head of the International Division and he joined HELLENiQ ENERGY in 2005. 

Κωνσταντίνος Καραχάλιος
International Division Manager


He holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Surrey, a master’s degree in Chemical Process Engineering from University College London, and an MBA in Finance from City University in London.

Having previously worked in the Finance and Consultancy industries, he joined the Group’s international Business Planning and Development team in 2005. He has held the positions of CEO of Group affiliates Jugopetrol (Montenegro) and OKTA (Republic of North Macedonia), Director of Strategic Planning and Business Development for Group Commercial Units, as well as Finance Director for Refining, Supply and Trade.  

He has been the International Division Manager since 2018 and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of EKO Serbia and EKO Bulgaria, as well as a Board Member in another three affiliates.