Time2 minutes


Mr. Efstathios Tsotsoros, Chairman of the BoD and CEO of Hellenic Petroleum  and Mr. Konstantinos Mountzouris, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the University of West Attica, exchange handshake immediately after signing the Memorandum of Understanding

Within the context of the its Corporate Social Responsibility Program "360° Actions", HELLENIC PETROLEUM undertakes to subsidize three academic years of the Postgraduate Program "MSc in Oil and Gas Process Systems Engineering" of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the newly founded University of West Attica, by awarding 10 scholarships per year to excellent postgraduate students and by supporting its educational and research purposes.

It was agreed that 5 (max) employees of the Group that reside in the Attica region, will be able to attend the postgraduate program free of tuition and regardless of grades. The objective of the program is to create high quality educational conditions for young people, with courses including design and optimum refinery operations, supply chain organization issues, application of modern IT technologies as well as finance and business issues.

HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group supported also the development of this innovative, leading-edge postgraduate program, which starts in April 2019 and intends to meet the refining market's needs. The program was designed by the academic staff of the University with the contribution of experienced Group's executives from the Planning, Technical Support, R & D and Refinement Division.

The Memorandum signed with the University of West Attica serves the basic purpose of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group to broaden and enhance the scope of cooperation with the academic community in order to improve the links between research and the production process.