HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group contributes decisively to the restoration of fire-damaged areas

Completion of the anti-corrosion works for the regeneration of the environment, in Varybompi, Attica

The critical anti-corrosion works for the shielding of the burnt area and the regeneration of the natural environment in Varybompi, Attica, which were undertaken and implemented by the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, were handed over by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. John Papathanasiou, to the competent Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Kostas Skrekas , during a short event held today in the fire-stricken area.

With a significant budget sponsorship of 3 million euros, the Group, responding to the call of the state and the needs of society, immediately contributed to the rapid restoration of two very important green lungs for Attica, after the catastrophic fires of last summer.

With the sponsorship, which was made through the institution of "Rehabilitation and Reforestation Contractor", the critical anti-corrosion projects were implemented in the area of the national park of Varybombi, as well as in Schino, Corinth, within the NATURA 2000 area in the Geraneia Ori.


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