HELLENiQ ENERGY will provide free heating oil to the largest public pediatric hospitals and units in Attica and Thessaloniki

An important new contribution by HELLENiQ ENERGY in support of public health was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. John Papathanasiou and the CEO Mr. Andreas Shiamishis, during a special event held at the Ministry of Health, in the presence of the Minister of Health Mr. Thanos Plevris, the Deputy Minister of Health Mrs. Mina Gaga, the Governors of the competent Regional Health Authorities, as well as the Governors of the Pediatric Hospitals.

Specifically, HELLENiQ ENERGY will cover, through the companies of the HELPE Group and EKO, all the winter needs in heating oil for the largest Public Pediatric Hospitals of the country, "Aghia Sophia", "Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou" and "Penteli Children's" in Attica, as well as the pediatric units of the Ippokrateio Hospital in Thessaloniki.

In the context of its Corporate Responsibility Program, HELLENiQ ENERGY comes in a timely manner to assist during a particularly difficult period shaped by the global energy crisis, contributing to the creation of a warm environment in the pediatric units, where young patients, their families, doctors and nurses continue to fight their own battle.

In addition to catering for more than 30,000 children treated annually in these pediatric hospitals and units, this initiative - which is part of a series of child-focused actions undertaken by HELLENiQ ENERGY - will free up resources for the rest of the country's hospitals.

It is worth noting that, as a constant supporter of Greek society and economy, HELLENiQ ENERGY has supported public health facilities, covering emergency needs with donations of equipment and consumables, just as it did during the last two years with the management of the pandemic.