"HELLENiQ ENERGY", the new name of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group

The new corporate identity of the historic Group was unveiled
helleniq energy brand announcement

A new page, with a new name and a radically renewed image for HELLENIC PETROLEUM, with the Group Management officially presenting the new corporate identity, which is part of the overall rebranding of the Company. The name 'HELLENiQ ENERGY' refers directly to the Group's rich heritage, but also to its will to evolve into the future of intelligent energy, alternative sources and the low carbon emissions economy.

After 64 years of strong growth, as well as substantial support to the Greek economy, the new corporate identity of the Group formally seals the rapid implementation of the strategic plan Vision 2025 launched in 2021. The aim is to usher in a new era of dynamic sustainable development, with major projects to transform and modernize refineries, rapid growth in renewable sources and green energy, and access to new markets and products. As announced, the completion of the first phase of this strategic plan also involved the change of the Group's name, logo and corporate identity. The presentation took place at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, at an event where the Minister for the Environment and Energy, Mr Kostas Skrekas, greeted the guests and was attended by a large number of guests and representatives of the business community.

At the heart of the Group's new logo remains the small bright star, as a spark of creation and a guiding element in the new era. The horizontal blue and white stripes that were inspired by the Greek flag have been transformed into a ripple that resembles an energy wave. A large part of the name refers to the Greek heritage of the previous name, while the end of the first word refers to the future of the energy transition and the development of intelligent energy solutions. The last word ENERGY suggests the evolution from an oil company to an organization that will operate across the energy spectrum, incorporating ESG criteria into its operations and future sustainable development strategy priorities.