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Commencement of operations for the “Helpe Village” hotspot in Chios

Hellenic Petroleum Group and its employees from all countries it operates, driven by the premise that solidarity, human kindness and helping each other have no boundaries, actively supported the efforts to create the Refugee Temporary Hospitality Center (hotspot) that commenced its operations in Chios.

Hellenic Petroleum offered the infrastructure and equipment required for the optimal operation of the Center, which is located in the area where the factory of VIAL used to stand, in the Chalkeios village, in the municipality of Kampohoros. The “HELPE VILLAGE” has the capacity to host, in humanely decent conditions, more than 1.000 refugees in 75 housing structures, which were refitted as per the required international standards before being transferred to the island.

67 of the housing structures contain sleeping chambers, furniture and heat & cooling systems, and cover a total area of 2.655m2.

The remaining 8 structures were refitted into restroom areas, fully equipped with washbasins and hot-water showers, covering a total area of 309m2.

The area for each of the 35 large housing structures -sized 12.57m by 3.30m- is 41.5 m2 and for each of the remaining 40 -sized 9.70m by 3.10m- is 30m2.

At the same time, all the pre-existing damages at the building facilities of the old VIAL factory were repaired, and a total of 756m2 of broken glasses were replaced by transparent, polycarbonate sheets.

For the completion of the Refugee Temporary Hospitality Center of Chios Hellenic Petroleum collaborated with the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Interior & Administrative Reconstruction while the Fire Service and the Hellenic Army assisted in the constructions as well. According to the operational plan, refugees are to remain at the center up to 72 hours in order to complete the identification process, and an Officer of the Hellenic Army will be at the head of the Center.

A Hellenic Petroleum delegation group led by CEO Grigoris Stergioulis is scheduled to arrive in Chios on Monday, February 15th. Volunteers are also part of this mission and they will deliver backpacks with personal hygiene items and provisions to the refugees. The project of the creation of the “HELPE VILLAGE” was greeted very warmly by the Hellenic Petroleum Group’s employees, who are collecting basic necessity and personal hygiene items for the refugees.

The Hellenic Petroleum delegation will be meeting local government and social organizations representatives from Chios and actions in support of the island’s residents are expected to be announced.