HELLENiQ ENERGY at EGYPES – Energy Egypt Show 2024

HELLENIQ ENERGY and its subsidiary, HELLENiQ Upstream, actively participated in the EGYPES – Energy Egypt Show 2024, which revolved around the theme of “Driving Energy Transition, Security and Decarbonization”.
EGYPES 2024, Valuable insights into Energy Transition, Security and Decarbonization from Tassos Vlassopoulos, Antonis Mountouris and Nikiforos Bantoukidis

Mr. Antonis Mountouris, Head of HSE & Sustainable Development Division at HELLENiQ ENERGY, participated in the Sustainability in Energy Conference, particularly in the session “Building a Low Carbon Downstream Sector”. 

Mr. Mountouris underscored the urgency of decarbonizing downstream operations in combating climate change, emphasizing strategies to reduce carbon emissions from refineries and petrochemical plants through improved energy efficiency and implementation of low carbon technologies in existing facilities. Moreover, Mr. Mountouris stressed the pivotal role of innovative technologies, renewable energies, and circular economy principles, in the path towards climate neutrality. 

Mr. Tassos Vlassopoulos, CEO, and Mr. Nikiforos Bantoukoudis, CFO, represented HELLENiQ Upstream at the Strategic Conference and the session titled “Technology and Innovation – Critical Enablers of Strategic and climate change”, and at the Finance & Investment in Energy Conference, specifically the session titled “Creating and Investing in a Carbon Capture Roadmap”, respectively. 

During these sessions, Mr. Vlassopoulos elaborated on the imperative for businesses to mitigate carbon emissions, optimize energy efficiency, and simultaneously advance technologies such as hydrogen, CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage), and electrification. He focused on explaining why CCUS is becoming important and emphasized the potential for collaboration in CCUS matters between the EU and Egypt. 

Mr. Bantoukoudis, focused on the pivotal role of carbon capture in national decarbonization strategies and achieving net-zero emissions commitments, while also commented on the need to accelerate the development of regional and international CCUS markets by overcoming any current regulatory and economic restrictions and encouraging inter-State consensus and collaboration.

EGYPES (Egypt Energy Show) held under the patronage and participation of His Excellency Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, serves as the central hub for dynamic and rapidly evolving energy conversation. With over 40,000 energy stakeholders from various segments of the energy value and supply chains, the event facilitates networking and exploration of business-critical pathways for growth. It aims to stimulate discussions, foster collaboration, and inspire innovative solutions that will shape the future of energy.