Educational Suitcase Earth 2030 for the UN SDGs meets the scouts of West Attica

The Educational Suitcase Earth 2030 Educational Suitcase the innovative educational tool, which aims to educate and raise children's awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and create ambassadors for their dissemination to the general public, was hosted at the educational and recreational gathering of the Scouts of Western Attica, in the Megaron Grove, during the three-day 30/4-2/5.
Η Εκπαιδευτική Βαλίτσα ΓΗ 2030 συναντά τους Προσκόπους της Δυτικής Αττικής

Through interactive games, in nature, the Scouts had the opportunity to learn more about the Goals and to enrich their knowledge of the environmental and social issues that concern the modern world, strengthening their practical application so far.

Being the only educational tool for the Sustainable Development Goals, in Greece, the Educational Suitcase Earth 2030 is addressed to primary and high school students, it can be used during class, but also outside the classroom, motivating students and teachers to be in an open space or in city environment or in nature.

To date, through the educational materials of the Suitcase, more than 2,000 students have had the opportunity to learn about the content of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, interact with concepts linked to the Goals, participate in different actions and identify their own their responsibility, so that they contribute to the common vision for a better tomorrow.